HTML - most popular markup language on the internet

HTML - most popular markup language on the internet

HTML computer language

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HTML has been around since 1989, and received a major update a few years ago in the form of HTML5. If you're looking to build your own website, you should know how to use HTML.
  • HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and is a coding language that controls how a website is structured.
  • HTML forms the backbone of the biggest websites on the internet, and is a basic part of website building.
  • HTML is mostly responsible for controlling how text appears, whether it be hyperlinks, bulleted lists, or other formatting options.
What is HTML?

Of all the coding languages, HTML is perhaps the simplest. This is because it doesn't use "dynamic functionality" the way other languages such as Ruby, JavaScript, and PHP can.

In other words, HTML can't be used to automatically update content on a given website, or provide targeted information, like detecting a user's location to show them the local weather. That being said, its limited abilities don't make HTML any less useful — it remains an essential part of nearly all websites online. 

Here are some common tags:



: Enclosing sentences within this tag creates a paragraph.

and : Anything that appears within this tag will appear bolded.

and : This tag puts everything within it in italics.


: This divides a page into sections, or divisions, which helps make a page more readable.

and : This is a hyperlink tag that allows creators to hyperlink anything contained within. 

 and : This tag displays images either uploaded to a server or externally linked.

If you look at a website's source code, you can see HTML tags at work. Every piece of nearly every website you visit is touched by HTML in some way.

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Source: Business Insider

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